mercoledì 17 agosto 2016

Bad Journalism from Jiu-Jitsu Press

Today Jiu Jitsu press site posted an article about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the Olympics: "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Olympic Games". This is what they write about the UWW:

"The United World Wrestling (UWW) is one of the federations fighting for a spot in the Olympic Games. However, under this federation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be called Olympic Grappling as the UWW unites all grappling arts such as Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, etc. Until recently, the closest sport to Jiu-Jitsu in the Olympic was Judo under the Judo International Federation (JIF) and Catch Wrestling under the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA).

However, due to corruption and bribes running the FILA organization, the organization was disbanded and absorbed into the UWW. With the UWW take over; catch wrestling has seen a drastic change to it’s rules and  it is now more closely resembles Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than Catch Wrestling, now having Gi and No Gi divisions. However, it is still not the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that many of know and love. There are major differences in the rules as well as the name".

This is the reply from the vice president of the  The Italian Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts Federation (FIGMMA) and member of the World Grappling Commitee Vito Paolillo:

" The article has many mistakes regarding the United World Wrestling Grappling.

First FILA was not disbanded or have any problem related to bribing. When the Wrestling was at Risk to be part of the Olympic Games, they decided to change name and rebrand in a way that would be easier to recognized the federation, so they changed name from FILA to United World Wrestling.

FILA never had catch wrestling. It always had Grappling since 2007, and has since the first day the GI and NOGI competition.

Grappling under FILA has been part of SportAccord World Combat Games, the closest thing to Olympic Games for Combat Sports, since it first edition in Beijing 2010.

2010 Beijing Combat Games

2013 San Petersburg Combat Games

Finally United World Wrestling is already a IOC recognized Federation and Grappling is already IOC recognized sport.

Basically if United World Wrestling and IOC will feel that the sport of Grappling is big enough, they can decide to put it in the Olympics at any moment as additional style of Wrestling (Now is Freestyle, Greco Roman and Female).

To who is interested this is the last UWW Grappling competition held this year, in July, the European Grappling Championship:

– Highlights Grappling No-Gi

– Highlights Grappling Gi

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