giovedì 17 dicembre 2015

Ido Portal is to Conor Mcgregor as Yoko Ono is to John Lennon?

Head Coach at Leicester Shootfighters Nathan Leverton release on his FB page this statements: "Ido Portal is to Conor Mcgregor as Yoko Ono is to John Lennon." - MB This made me lol.

Grapplers have always used and enjoyed "movement" exercises. In modern grappling combat sports we've seen many come in and out of vogue ("animal drills", Ginástica Natural, Scott Sonnon's work etc). Some traditional martial arts have always done them too.

Increasing mobility and agility is of obvious benefit but none are a magic bullet and should replace other tried and tested training methods. Beware of fads in the sports and fitness industry. Especially ones that break in to mainstream on the back of athletes who already got to a high level without them (not specifically talking about Ido here as it happens a lot).

Last few years have seen a trend towards mobility and bodyweight exercises. Hand balancing, bar work and more are in fashion and I think that's great. And don't get me wrong, I like what Ido does. In no way is he the new training masks! I'm totally on board with exploring movement. But, Ido didn't teach Conor boxing or Gunnar BJJ".

I agree with Nathan Leverton to be aware of fads in the sports and fitness industry but I think that the vast majority of the grapplers and MMA fighters, do not spend much time to train theirs mobility, motor control, and flexibility skills.
Sometimes top athletes are able to express high performance despite "tested training methods". The reason is very simple: no one has the magic bullet and all these experts, Ido included, can only aspire to be quite good artists in their field.
In an interview McGregor said  he asked Ido to teach him his methodology, is not Ido that jumped on McGregor's back: Ido is just one of McGregor's coaches  and if McGregor  says he benefited from his teachings, I think Ido Portal deserves respect from the martial community. 

Finally I suppose that no serious people in the business  ever said that Ido teach Conor boxing or Gunnar BJJ, maybe he taught them some cool Capoeira kicks.

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