lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Jigoro kano never liked groundwork

This may upset Jiu Jitsu guys or the Kosen judokas, but Kano felt that Judo should be predominantly a standing activity and not wrestling on the ground.

Emphasis in randori and shiai should be on mastering big ippon Judo. This dates back to the samurai philosophy of the single decisive strike; and the danger of going to the ground in battle.

John Stevens in "The Way of Judo: A Portrait of Jigoro Kano and His Students" writes:

"kano never liked groundwork. he said: 'Human being were made to walk not to crawl!' Groundwork largely detrimental to Kodokan Judo - grappling on the ground quickly degenerate into unseemly schoolyard wrestling. It was undignified".

Time goes by, nowaday the best approach is the cross training between judokas and Jitzers.
This can help a lot to complement each other.

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