martedì 19 luglio 2016

Garry Tonon has a good heel hook... and much else

Before their fight Ralek Gracie said: "Gary has a god heel hook... but I don't see much else, what's gonna happen when heel hook doesn't work?" Now Ralek Gracie know the right answer.

Let's read what has to say Mr Danaher: "Garry Tonon wins a hard fought match against a very tough Ralek Gracie via leg lock submission...

we knew very little about the opponent other than the fact that he was around 40 pounds heavier than Mr Tonon and came from a very fine grappling pedigree. Mr Gracie showed excellent defensive poise and training, a credit to his family heritage, but in the end, Mr Tonon was able to break through successfully with a fine variation of a kneebar out of ushiro ashi garami... 

Such was the technical precision of the move that it got an instant tap against a very skilled opponent around 40pounds heavier than himself. It was nice to see Mr Tonon broadening his competition leg lock repertoire in such fine fashion". 

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