domenica 24 luglio 2016

There's plenty of drama and politics in the BJJ community

About a month ago Mike Davila a member of Danaher team reported that he had been asked to leave his gym at Bronx Martial Arts Academy because of his participation in the EBI event.

After the EBI semifinal between Cummings and Avila John Danaher refuses to shake the hand to his former student. Danaher on his facebook page explained his unsportsmanlike behaviour:

This is Mike Davila's response:

In my opinion these are the two best comments I read on facebook about the controversy: 
"In my opinion, not shaking the other corner's hand after a match sets a bad precedent, and should be discouraged. It is easy to shake hands when there are no hard feelings between the parties, and it is precisely when there are hard feelings between the two parties that is the true test of public etiquette and professionalism at public sporting events".
"There's plenty of drama and politics in the BJJ community but at the end of the day they are all grown men. They were all presented with options and made their choices. They chose do to what they did and moved on. You can argue  all you want, you can disagree or agree, again that's your choice. No one has to justify any choice they made, they only have to deal with the ramifications of that choice."

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