venerdì 9 ottobre 2015

Masters of illusion

Many people  could step forward to claim the title of "The Best world Self Defense Master" but unfortunately there isn't a competition for it.  It would be too "dangerous"... they teach BRUTAL techniques that can not be used in a sport competition or in a live sparring session.
I was amazed watching some of them, I am stunned by the level of skills shown against a cooperative sparring partner. Their high speed technical sequences and skills are simply awesome. They all show skills like speed, power, coordination but these are not real street fighting techniques. The same astonishment I feel watching martial arts movie stars on the screen.
Who claim to be a  Real street self defence Master or that the system he teach is reality based, proved  in the street, want to sell you an illusion, the illusion to be like a movie star: a skilled fighter that can perform very nice choreographic sequences against cooperative partners.

The only realistic thing is that all of these experts incorporate, in their "ultimate brutal systems", some techniques from combat sports or martial arts that are used inside a cage, on the mat, or into a ring,  but they rarely test these technique in live sparring.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the few martial arts that proved his combat efficiency in all of these scenarios... and does not need to use adjectives like "brutal".

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